Riverparks is committed to bringing you the highest level of customer service. This includes protecting your privacy. All customer information collected is used solely for internal purposes only. Some information may be passed on to other organisations or persons engaged by us in relation to the provision of our service to you. Riverparks does not sell or trade personal information, or allow other third parties access to any information for their own purpose.

Type of Information We Collect

Riverparks collects a varying degree of information, depending on the transactions we have with you. As a customer, or potential customer, we only store information that allows us to identify you as a person, such as your contact details. We may also retain statistical information from previous dealing we may have had.

Use of Personal Information

Riverparks use personal information for the primary purpose which it was collected. This may include supplying our service to you, or responding directly to an individual request. Information may also be used by us to notify you about any new products or services Riverparks may introduce as part of our business. You will always be given the opportunity to elect not to receive any of this information.

Security of Information

Riverparks maintains a stringent control of its computer networks and storage areas. All personal information is store in a secure location available to selected staff. While reasonable efforts are made to ensure your privacy, Riverparks accepts no liability arising from unintentional disclosure of your details, whether by software or hardware failure, hacking activities, or any other unauthorised acts.

Access to Information

Riverparks will provide access to your personal information upon request. You may be required to put your request in writing for security purposes. We do reserve the right to charge a fee for any request.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

Riverparks may amend this policy as our business requires or the law changes. If you have concerns or believe the information we may hold is incorrect, please write to us at:

The Privacy Officer
PO Box 523
Indooroopilly Q 4068